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Welcome to 7th Grade Pre-AP Language Arts
7th/8th IDS
Name: Mrs. Sarah Nickerson
Title: Language Arts/IDS Teacher
Phone number:972-968-4024
What is IDS?

Interdisciplinary Seminar is a middle school course designed to meet the needs of ACE and LEAP students. The course is interdisciplinary in nature and enhances the four core curriculum subjects by adding depth, rigor, complexity, and pacing. The class is taught by teachers trained in the five core competencies of gifted and talented education. IDS combines Language Arts curriculum and thematic units which enable students to work together as a group and  independently.  Instructional focus is accenting the behaviors characteristic of gifted youth. 

 Students must meet the criteria established by the district and assessed by the Campus Admission, Review, Exit Committee. 

6th Grade Theme - Culture

The study will emphasize the impact of culture on the development of the individual, stressing the student’s responsibility to himself, his family and peers, the school, and society.  The year will begin with focus on the individual student, progress, by examining the past and present leaders and their impact on our world, and end with emphasis on future problems.  Self-evaluation and leadership skills will be required in each unit.  Students will participate in literature activities, Socratic seminars, problem-solving, research, and the creation of products in order to demonstrate their learning.  The goal will be the development of responsible, creative problem solvers, ready to meet new challenges.

7th Grade Theme - Power

“Power” is the theme for the 7th grade IDS.  The students will explore the theme of “Power” throughout the year through research, Socratic seminar, technology use, cooperative learning, character development, and problem solving, several topics will be addressed. They will read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  Self-evaluation and leadership skills will continue to be a focus for this year.  In the spring, while reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; students will discuss potential problems and victories resulting from medical and scientific freedom. 

8th Grade Theme - Interdependence

“Interdependence” is the theme for the 8th grade IDS.  To enhance the district’s focus on character development the initial unit introduces: leadership and the tenets are interwoven throughout the seminar.  With an emphasis on problem solving, students will be given opportunities for individual growth while furthering teamwork and communication skills.