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  • Have a great summer!  
    The District is moving our Web Page system from SchoolWires to Blackboard Engage.
    We will be offline from June 30th until mid July.  
    Looking forward to seeing you in August!
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  • Attention parents with students entering 7th grade next year!

    If you have a student entering 7th grade for the 2014-2015 school year they will need three immunizations before school begins in August!  

    Be sure to mention this if you take your child to their pediatrician.  Please return a copy to the clinic so their records can be updated. 

    The following vaccinations are required:

    •             Tdap booster within the last 5 years

    •             Varicella – two doses 

    •             Meningococcal (MCV4)

    Note:  It is Texas State Law that all students have these immunizations before entry to 7th grade.  Your student will not be able to receive their schedule until their records have been updated.  

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  • On June 1, 2014, CW3 Patrick Burg presented Mrs. Stevens with a framed certificate and a US Flag he flew in a mission in honor of the Tech Apps students for the letters they wrote in support of his squadron.

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  • _____________________________________________________________________________
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  • pta

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  • symphonic
    Symphonic Orchestra, our varsity orchestra here at Polk, received the highest possible ratings at the UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest on March 7th. They received straight ones from all 6 judges, resulting in Superior ratings in Concert as well as in Sightreading, earning our group the coveted Sweepstakes award.
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  •  art1
    Congratulations to Ted Polk Middle School's
    Sara Brown and Aliana Rivera
    on their winning entries for
    DART's Off We Go 2014 student art contest.  
    Over 700 students' art pieces were in consideration for awards.
    Polk's dynamic duo will be recognized at the Dallas Museum of Art on April 12 at a ceremony.  Their winning entries will be on display from April 5-April 20 at the Dallas Museum of Art.
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  • Testimonials

    Ms Zent, 

    Hello Ms. Zent. My name is Kashif Qureshi, I was a student in your ESL class approximately just over 10 years ago, class of 2002/03 I believe. Shortly after graduating Polk I moved to Canada, I was in the same batch as students such as Cynthia, Jose Zapata and Mike just a few names I can remember after a decade. This may help you refresh your memory.

    Nonetheless, when I was admitted into your class I was a just a kid with no real understanding of the western world as I had moved from India not to long before being enrolled in your class. However, I remember your class was more than just a class of learning sentence structures and ice parties if your achieved a certain grade on a test (which was by the way every students goal in that class). I briefly recall you taking me and fellow student mike over to your home and teaching us table manners, which I still use today and give you credit for. Your class quickly became the only class I looked forward to on the short bus ride to school; you and Miss Boylen collectively helped me not only just learn English, but get on the football team, get a exposure to Arts and music.

    The reason I am writing you this long overdue email is because, I will be writing Law School entrance exams later this year, and as I was preparing my references and necessary forms, I was asked to write a paper titled "My Self Being”. In the paper I have to portray why I wanted to go to law school and how I have prepared myself for the challenges ahead. At this point I knew how I had prepared myself, but it had occurred to me at that moment that you, Ms. Boylen, and your whole class had thought me to understand the western world. I wouldn’t be here in this place if you and Ms. Boylen equally didn’t put in the effort to teach a small brown boy values, discipline along with English as a second language of course.  

    I thought I send you a long overdue email, thanking you and Miss Boylen for work you have done and continue to do. It makes a difference in a kids lives and I’m living example of that. I hope all else is well with you and your family, and all is well with Ms. Boylen and family, hopefully in the next coming years when I finally do make a return trip to Dallas we can all meet and catch up. 

    Thank you,


    Ms. Stevens,
    Luke was so excited about the CDs you burned for their projects. He was telling me how long it took you-basically your entire Saturday!! Made quite an impression!
    He enjoys your class!!
    Thanks for all you do.  Your hard work and dedication is appreciated by not only by me,  but my very happy-go-lucky 12 year old boy as well!!
    Thanks again,
    Lori Parker
    Furneaux Elementary

    My mother and I were at IHOP this morning and there was a group of students dressed up so I assumed they were high school students going to UIL.  You could have knocked both of us over with a feather when we found out they were from Polk Middle School.  They were so well behaved and so well mannered.  As a former middle school teacher and a C-FBISD Ambassador it made me proud.  Too often principals get complaints of kids so I wanted to make sure you got this compliment loud and clear!  Peggi Babick, C-FBISD Community Ambassador


      Great to walk into a school with such a pleasant atmosphere! Go Panthers!

    AVID Testimonial
    Growing up, I had always been told I was a smart girl, but I never really knew what I was able to achieve. Then I was introduced to the AVID program. AVID taught me all the organization skills I needed to be a successful student, but it also taught me how to be kind, humble, patient, and determined, in order to succeed in life. AVID truly changed my life, not only by teaching me that I could go to college, but that I was going to college and nothing was going to stop me, not even myself. I have not been in a more cohesive and engaging program since AVID. In AVID the students become a family, helping each other out in school and outside of school on a more personal level. Coach Hyde left his mark in my heart, and I will forever be grateful with him for taking my hand, opening my eyes, and showing me the world and its endless opportunities. All my best memories from middle school include AVID field trips and all the wonderful talks with Coach Hyde and my tutors. AVID is an amazing life-changing program. Not only does it teach kids how to dream big, but how to make those dreams come true.

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